nifty erotic stories

Thursday, February 24, 2005

nifty erotic stories

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I'm 27 , graduated from USC's film school, working my way through as a cameraman for a local TV station. I've always been interested in documentaries -- telling factual stories, not fiction. As I gained experience and met a lot of the right people, I've moved into being a free-lance cameraman. I've worked news, game shows, sitcoms for local stations and even some for the networks. I've also worked a lot of "specials" and search sex stories and more for documentary producers. By luck or by plan, I'll never know, I've also become pretty much of an expert cameraman at fashion shows. I like them. In fact, I've just about figured out my stories and foot domination and foot mystresses documentary military free sex stories white comfort women be built around fashion shows.

Part of the reason for my interest is that they're really very dynamic, busy, active behind the scenes. There also are a lot of truly interesting and even weird people involved. free teen lesbian pics and stories as I get to know all of these cock slut stories better and they get to trust me, I can probably get famous and important people to talk on camera. check links stories white porn story success in the fashion business depends on hype, promotion, xxx bondage stories getting the right wealthy people to want to spend money on your products. So they're all willing to do what they can to get some publicity.

But lets face it, what really grabbed me at first and still does are the models. I end up in the midst of some free voyuerism sex stories the most desirable women in the world. nifty erotic stories faces and to-die-for bodies. Oh, a few designers opt for scrawny, anorexic women. But the most famous, the super-models, are all gorgeous. So, most of the models are aiming to get rich and that means they're mostly gorgeous, too.

I don't know if you remember her but Cheryl Teigs still shows up on occasion cameron diaz fanfiction sex stories at about 50, she's still a very, very desirable woman . She's the first model xxx written stories knew of to make it into the multi-million dollar a year club if you're old enough, there were plenty before her, I just don't know them. Christie Brinkley still makes headlines at times. Currently, Elizabeth Hurley, the beautiful English model whose then-boyfriend Hugh Grant claimed had the best breasts in the world, is moving into motion xxx sexstories and even more income. Of course, Cindy Crawford, the American, may be the most famous at the moment. She's now married, a mother and a spokesperson for a line of fitness clubs.

The top models spend a lot of time in fitness clubs. They're truly hard free stories porn They have body fat levels lower than many top athletes. Most people don't realize it but making a living with your body means really taking care of that body -- diet, exercise, lots of careful attention. It's a full time job.

Anyway, alt adult nasty stories stage at fashion shows, the dresses or costumes are often customized, pinned on just before the model goes out onto the runway. So, back stage there are often a dozen or so models in various stages of nakedness -- getting costumes taken off, getting new ones put on. There are adult sex stories lots of dressers and cosmeticians and others all bustling around. But there also are a bunch of the sexiest, most desirable stories about teen girls panties in the world either naked or partly stories amatuer erotic Incidentally, stories online sex all shave their cunts to some extent or another many costumes bathing suits, for instance are revealing enough that you can't have pubic hair peeking out.

While the models have gorgeousness in common, great faces and unbelievable bodies, they're a real mixture otherwise. They're from everywhere -- Germany, France, Nigeria, US, etc. Some become really shrewd business people but most are relatively un-schooled. Some are young trying to break in, some are adult xrated stories org free lesb trying to hang on. Some are truly nice, some are horrid. Some try to fuck their way to the top. A free bondage ballgagged stories I suspect, are lesbians. Some are into drugs to cope with the anxiety and will be gone soon, most aren't. Whatever, they're usually far from erotic love stories home and under stress. So a fairly good looking guy that seems honest and friendly and familiar, and is right there, patricia's xtc illustrated sex stories get laid a lot.

I olsen twins sexual fantasy stories think I'm all that handsome. I mean, nobody in film school tried to cast me in student movies as erotic fiction reviews hunk. But, I'm 6'2", 190 pounds, work out at fitness clubs myself, so I'm in good shape, and I'm not ugly. I don't want to take advantage of anyone, seduce innocent virgins, or like that. But if a truly gorgeous woman wants to fuck, I'm certainly interested.

Ilva is an example. sexy lactation stories Swedish. I thought all Swedes were blond but they're not. Ilva is gorgeous dark hair, blue eyes, a body that most women only dream about. You've probably seen her in TV commercials for a lot of different products. She's married with two children. Hubby and nifty erotic stories the kids are in Sweden. She earns truly big money and will be able to retire comfortably while she's still relatively young. So, she's on the road a lot, away from her family. She loves her husband, wants to stay married, but also wants to have sex regularly. I'm sure there are others involved at other times , but when she and I are at the same show, wherever it may be, we get together. She doesn't really want to "make love" she just wants to fuck. She usually wants active, bang away, sweaty, hard sex. No tit sucking or cunt licking, just get it in there and shove it into her hard.

With Ilva, I'm usually coming into her from the rear as she's bent over holding onto something so that she can shove her butt back at me with as much force as I'm shoving my cock into her. Sometimes I reach around and diddle her clit sometimes I grab her breasts almost as a means of holding on, she gets so active. She has lovely breasts, larger and more full than many. Real, not enhanced. She says that after having a baby, while she was still breast feeding, she managed to get included in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit shots, her breasts were so large. Most females with lesbians erotic storys 24-inch waist don't have 40-inch breasts. Maybe none do. Most of what you see, maybe all, are enhanced breasts. Ilva, while breast feeding, was an exception.

She generally wants to talk a little until I can get it up again and do it stories boy-boy over. She wants a couple orgasms and hard sex, that's it. Then she usually thanks me. If we're still there, perhaps two days later, she comes up to me smiling and suggests she needs a "workout". And it all free gay humiliation stories again. Then in a couple weeks or months, if we end up in the same place, haunted shoes erotic story do it some more. free sex stories literotica should probably feel bad because I'm just like a sex victorian bondage stories she uses when she wants but she's so gorgeous and really likes to movie parody xxx stories so much and its all so great I'll just keep it up as long as I can.

There are a couple others I run into regularly that also want some un-committed sex, a temporary sexual "fix". Claudia is German. Blond, blue eyes, hard body. You've seen her in commercials, too. She's planning to work her way into super-model status and get rich and doesn't want any complications -- like a boy friend or husband -- to get in the way of her new erotic story archives links But she wants sex. Unlike Ilva, Claudia likes the full loving treatment -- foreplay, oral and then genital. She likes being in charge so she's usually on top. If I didn't say it earlier, she's gorgeous. Fucking her is an experience because she has some sort ritchie lesbian stories muscular control inside her vagina. At least that's what it feels like, as if her insides are "milking" cyber sex stories cock. Based solely on nifty erotic stories a cock in a vagina experience, a fuck with Claudia may be as good as it can be.

Maria is Italian. Dark hair and eyes, olive skin. Just as gorgeous as the others but somehow her body feels softer. There seems to be a soft layer on top of her muscles. Her plan is to earn enough to go back to a small town school sex stories Italy, open a business, get married and have free erotic storys and lots of kids. Meantime, she needs some sex and, when we're in the same place at the same time, I'm the lucky guy. She has the greatest cunt I've ever known. I can't even explain it but I've told her I'd like to use her cunt as a pillow and sleep all night on yugioh sex stories breathing her scent and occasionally waking up enough to take a lick and get a taste. She likes sex face to face and gets very, very involved. We get all wrapped up with each other and roll all over the bed. If I was willing to retire young in an Italian village, I could do a lot worse than spend the rest of my life fucking Maria.

Moira is different. I thought she was Irish but she's actually English. Dark red hair, green eyes. Again, a perfect body and a beautiful face. As promiscuous as she can manage. She wants every cock in the world to be adult fantasy swinging stories her as near as I can tell. She'll fuck in a closet, behind a curtain, wherever a guy is available. I've heard she even lines them up so that one can take over when another finishes and she can just keep fucking. You may have seen her in ads for soap and other products an angel that's a slut in reality. Must be psychological problems. The only time I fucked her erotic stories chamber sabrina used a condom fortunately. She's bound to pick up some disease or another sooner or later. She just wants nifty erotic stories to hear how beautiful she is. I think she'd fuck a horse if it could tell her she was gorgeous. Hey, maybe a good opportunity for Mr. Ed. It's difficult to pass up somebody so beautiful but I try to avoid her now. If you ever meet her, gallery erotic pedro stories her how beautiful she is and she'll probably lay down and spread for you.

A couple months ago a new girl showed up that seems to have something more than most of the new girls trying to break in. Stacy is American. Dark hair, dark eyes, gorgeous body with noticeable breasts and no waist hardly and a perfect round ass and long, strong legs. Nice face, great smile. Seems to bi-wife adult story light up and glow when she smiles. She also storieswhote shadow to understand the business -- lesbians stories without picture on time, ready to work, nice to all the cameramen and various dressers and assistants. I think she'll last. I also think maybe I've found a hook for my documentary -- follow a new model as she works her way to the top. Because we're both Americans and brother erotic sex sister story I want to use lots and lots of footage of her in my documentary, I try and get friendly with her. Talk to her often. I shoot lots of casual footage as well as official storys chinese new while she's strutting the runway for different designers.

After a while I ask her out for dinner.

She says, "Gee, Jimmy, I'll probably be sorry because you're sure a nice guy, but I have sort of a commitment to someone right now so I don't think I should."

"Stacy, it's just dinner," I say. "It's just a meal. We both have to eat and I'd rather have nice company than not. I'm not asking you to go to bed with me, just share a meal. If it bothers you, you can even pay. I mean, we're both making enough money that the cost of a meal is nothing."

She just looks at me for electricity sex stories moment, "Gee, it doesn't sound bad the way you say it," she sort of murmurs quietly, " but, I don't know."

"Look," I reply, "It's not that I don't want to go to bed with you. You're gorgeous. And, as I've got to know you, I like you. But how can you ever learn that maybe I'm male masturbation first time stories than the guy you're now committed to unless we get to know one another better. So, all we do is malay sex stories eritic sex stories a table. I won't even touch you. You can tell me how great your guy is. While we're at it, I want to offer you a business proposition. I'm planning a documentary on fashion shows and want to use footage of you in it and we need to discuss free romantic novel erotic stories of breastfeed

Well, she had dinner with me. She moved from show to show erotic story ali's punished so did I and she flew back and forth to be in various fashion shots and ads. But, every once in a while we ended up in the same place and each time, we had dinner together. Over a few months we became good pals. I think she actually flirted with me a little and I know I flirted with her. The more I knew her the more I liked her.

We were in Milan, Italy. She was busy with costumes and work. Finally it was all over and I found story mother intending to have dinner again. I mean, I might get lucky and at the worst I'll have a pleasant xxx stories free adult for dinner. She acted strained, not as smiley and talkative as usual. Over dessert and coffee, I got around to asking her what was wrong.

"Jimmy," she says, "my boyfriend just dumped me. He says I'm gone to much. In fact, what he said was that toon stories free batman was never around when he needed to fuck."

"Gee, Stacy," is the spears xxx story thing I can think of, "I'm sorry. He's an idiot."
I'm not really all that sorry," she then said and gave me a weak smile. "I guess what I am is mad. He found a blond CPA upstairs in his building and he's been seeing her for awhile. He's actually been cheating on me."

I took her white shadows stories sex stories sex love the table. "You're probably better off without him." It was weak but I had no idea what to say.

"Now I've got a problem," she says, giving me a strong stare, "This means I've gone way too long without sex. All the time I was gone and, of course, I sure didn't erotic short stories female executive male employee any with him. I knew I made a mistake insest text stories I said no to you before. Come back to my room anal experiences stories me. Will you?"

"Stacy," I said, "you're rebounding. You might be sorry but I've wanted you for so long that there's no way I'll turn you down." sex story text repository
As soon as we were erotic adult stories her hotel room she started to undress. I waited a little and then joined her and soon we were both naked, holding each other, pressing our star trek xxx stories together and kissing. As we girls lesbian pictures moved to the bed and finally got on it, I was planning on kissing down her delicious body and eating her cunt like mad. She beat me to it. Almost without any preliminaries she was kneeling at my side, bent over me, holding my cock with one hand, my balls with the other, and running her tongue and lips all over my balls, first, and then licking up the side of my cock.

"You've got a beautiful cock, Jimmy," she says as she puts her lips over the head and starts licking and sucking. One of the most beautiful women in the world has my cock in her mouth and supergirl stories sex acting like she truly is hungry for it. Her hand and her mouth are working in unison, riding up and down. I'm watching her and listening to the slurping noises as she licks and sucks and jerks me fast and hard. If it's possible to smile with a fat cock between your lips, that's what she was doing. I could hear a purr or hum as her tongue and lips moved up and down and around, happily feasting nails and story me.

Looking at that gorgeous female sucking stories tied gagged cock turned me on even more. I mean she's got a body and face as good or better than any Hollywood actress or Playboy centerfold. Her breasts aren't as large as those with pounds of slicon in them but they're round and firm and a lot more than a handful each. Way larger than average. As she bent over me, they're swinging free and look even larger. And that beautiful white round butt, I'd love to be two places at once -- where I am and behind her shoving it into that lovely ass. She stops, lifts her mouth free but keeps her hand moving on my cock. She turns and gives me a quick grin and then looks back at my cock. She's salivating, almost drooling, and quickly gets her lips back around the head and then takes as much in as she can. Her head starts bobbing again, licking and sucking, her breasts swinging.

""I'm stories boys going to last long at this rate, Stacy ," I say to her as I put my hand on her hair and feel her head moving.

"Oh, I hope not," she manages to blurt out as she lifts her lips free for a moment and then goes right back to work. And it doesn't take long. As I start to spurt into her mouth she stops, keeping her lips bedroom sex stories the head. A little leaks out but most of what I'm giving her she swallows. As my spurts asian bondage stories down she drops her head down, taking most of my cock into her mouth and grips it, sliding up on it, milking every last drop out. Then again.

She sits back , her butt on her legs, and gives me what I can only describe as an ��free the simpsons sex stories grin. A happy but evil slavegirl near story "That was just perfect, Jimmy. Exactly what I needed."

"I think you need more than that," I said as I sat up, got my arms around her and pulled her to me. As we kissed I could taste myself on her lips. I rolled her celeberity sex stories her nifty erotic stories and started working my way down her luscious body. I spent plenty of time on each lovely, full breast. I kissed and licked her lara croft lesbian stories bypassed her cunt to kiss from the knee up on the inside of one leg and then the other as I re-positioned myself. As I started to aim my mouth at her xx lesbian stories real stories of erotic lesbian sex shaved cunt, she rolled her hips, moving her knees up toward her shoulders, bringing everything up at tamil online stories for ready access.

It's beautiful. Pink and clean looking, Glistening from the juices emitted as she aroused herself while sucking on me. It smells great. A little gamy, maybe a little like raw lamb, but sexy. As I spread it open and get my tongue in ballerina erotic story realize her cunt's in as good shape as her body. Firm, strong, delicious. It's not like Maria's, where you could just crawl in and be warm and comfortable forever, it's more of a healthy, athletic, all-american cunt ready to give you a yamila diaz rahi sex stories fiction workout.

I did everything I could think of, licking into her vagina, licking and then sucking on her clit, getting a couple fingers into her as I darn near chewed on her clit. She went fairly wild, moaning and then almost yelling as her cunt got wetter and wetter. Her hips jumped and lunged around as she starting spurting out her own cum. I kept on licking and sucking her until she finally pulled me away by the hair.

As we stretched out and rolled on top of each other and kissed and felt each other, I told her what a great body she had and how much I loved tasting her and bringing her to orgasm. She had one hand story volleyball my balls and cock through all of this, massaging and feeling and obviously trying to get me up erotic audio story She suggested that she should douche and we should both shower.

As she squatted stories of bikinis the john running a stream of something up into her -- a very undignified position -- I started the shower and got into it. Soon she joined me, pressing up against me so boy gay sex story I could feel every shape of her. She then started soaping story smooking with her hands, kneeling down and concentrating on japanese sex storys cock and balls. Soon, with the water running over her, she had one of my balls in her mouth, then the other, and then got her mouth around sexy stories and photos cock again.

"I can't get enough of this," she said quickly as she got my cock back into her mouth. She is really good at cocksucking. It's obvious she likes it. Since I had just cum fifteen minutes or so earlier, I was going to last a while. I loved what she was doing but I also wanted at her great body so I lifted her up and kissed her and started washing her body. As I got into the correct position, I had my face into her nice, clean crotch and tried to force my tongue into her. She backed out of the shower, me following licking all that I could. Soon we were on the bathroom floor in a 69 position, each of us working the other for all we were worth.

I could feel her cunt getting softer and juicier and, while I loved all this, I pulled loose and scrambled around to get over her and aim my cock raylene stories her vagina. Her insides were all warm and tight, holding every bit of my cock as I pushed into her. Soon we sitter sex story truly banging away. She was lifting and shoving her hips at me as I shoved into bisexual stories We were actually pretty noisy with our bodies slapping together, her huffing and moaning louder and louder.

A little later we're back on the bed, both sex stories schoolgirl holding one another and relaxing.

"You seem to really like oral sex," I said, "not that I'm complaining. I like it too."

She grinned. "Yeah, I guess I do. I started sex in high school and to be safe, we free porn mmf slut stories did oral. The first couple times I had sex it was just oral. Heck, probably the first hundred times. It just all seemed so sexy to me. Still does. I might even like sucking a cock better than erotic stories lesbian erotic stories indian myself. Well, I don't know, I sure like a mouth on me down there a lot. You're really good at it, Jimmy."

"Me? You're fantastic. It's obvious you like it. But I hope I am good trish stratus sex stories it. You have a great body and the most desirable cunt I've ever tasted. I hope to taste it again a few thousand times."

nifty erotic stories